Led by experienced award-winning* CME professionals, our mission is to create learning experiences that maximize the impact of patient care. Education is delivered through live programs, including satellite symposia, local and regional meetings, and online events, as well as through self-directed, enduring formats such as podcasts, videos, webinars, monographs, newsfeeds, and other enduring formats. To ensure direct impact on patient care, we work to incorporate practical tools for the clinician (eg, exam room posters, pocket cards, patient education materials) into every educational experience.​​

Our company’s singular focus is the education of the health professional, allowing us to refine our approach to teaching with every program we develop. As a result, our team is a collection of knowledgeable professionals who are expert in the successful integration of adult learning in the continued education of the health professional.

 *2013 Alliance for the Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP) “Member Section Award for Great Idea” and ACEHP’s 2014 award for “Outstanding Innovation in CPD for the CE/CPD Professional.”

We embrace the value of all key stakeholders in the educational process
We continuously strive for better ways in everything we do
We hold ourselves accountable to being the very best we can be
Our  philosophy  is that one of our most important priorities is to define the impact of our education. This begins with defining our goal. Without knowing what we want to achieve, how do we know if we have succeeded? The goal is a shared vision among Catamount, our collaborators, the faculty, the supporters, and the learners. Everyone understands the goal of the education, and each stakeholder plays a role in achieving that goal. Catamount’s role is to lead the mission to achieve the goal, from project inception through outcomes reporting.